Klingon Tea Ceremony:
An Ephemeral Installation and Performance

Megumi Fukuda and Echo Ho

Megumi Fukuda and Echo Ho are both interdisciplinary artists from Japan and China respectively, working and residing in Germany. Their recent encounters have evoked an intensive personal, cultural, and artistic exchange to create a unique experience spurning their first collaborative art project: Klingon Tea Ceremony.

In this project, the focus is on the interests of exploring and reflecting the intersection between artificial and natural, between perfection and imperfection.

The performance will be a distanced observation into the habit of tea drinking and instrument playing as a ritualistic ceremony. Furthermore, a way of self-cultivation in communication with the participant, this artwork refers to the highly defined aesthetics of the art of living.

It comes as no surprise to discover that in our own global society, the “Klingon’s Tea Ceremony” has assimilated the same habits from our customs and beliefs.

We do not intend to re-present our own ancient cultures but, instead, to apply gestures of the ritual in the age-old performances of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Chinese intimate Gu Qin Concert. Besides using sound, light, and objects to create an ephemeral garden, the ceremonial site invites and encourages visitors to treasure every encounter for it will never recur. A garden of forking paths will lead you walking through the sunset while losing thoughts in the sound of cooking water. Light recedes when the sun goes down but rises again on the reflections of faces in teacups.