Echo Ho ( aka. zo-on slows )

Beijing-born artist and musician Echo Ho, now living in Cologne, her work investigates conceptual dimensions of diverse cultural material and historical narratives through the use of various media, which ranges from objects, installation, audio-visual composition to live performance. Echo Ho re-invented the traditional Chinese string instrument Gu Qin into a Slow Qin by extend its funtion to become a wireless interface enable real time improvisation using customerd music software on laptop. With her solo band project ‘zo-on slows’, she explores sound in time-space-relations, by merging field-recordings with electronic tunes and beats, voice and noise, Ho unfolded an imaginative soundscape full of emotion.


Goechospace Agency

Echo Ho has brought together the internationally acclaimed artists and designers across the world working within multiple artistic discipline and platforms, able to craete exciting and immersive media story within and beyond time and space.

We have extensive contacts and experts working in the field of film and theatre, projection and sound, space solution with interactive media, who also work with and lecture at Art and Technology departments of several leading universities in Germany, rest of Europe and China. As collaborative artists-turned-entrepeneurs, we are making in-house and commissioned productions. From articulation of the first idea to realisation, regardless of the scope, budget or deadline, we always strive to meet the challenges of any project with the same curiosity, dedication and expertise.